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Get inspired every day.

Living in Philadelphia, in our beautiful historic mansion, there is so much to do and so much to see that each day will be filled with inspiration. Whether it be exploring Philadelphia or enjoying the many cultural events in our city or getting your hands dirty in our gardens, Simpson House has a little something for everyone. How about trying new things? Art classes, clubs, and music are all part of life here at Simpson House, and you are free to enjoy all the activities you love.  

  • Stay healthy in our regular wellness and health program
  • Explore your creativity in arts or crafts programs
  • Get your hands dirty in our gardens and our new community greenhouse
  • Enjoy shopping trips to area malls and stores
  • Expand your palate through dining trips to area restaurants
  • Personal worship as you wish including Catholic Mass, Methodist, Baptist, and Jewish services
  • Try one of our creative writing classes
  • Tap your toes in our many on-site music concerts
  • Attend our Spiritual Growth and Shabbat and Torah classes
  • Enjoy classes or see a newly released movie
  • Try your hand at table games including bridge, Scrabble, and others
  • It’s your lucky day for bingo and Wii bowling
  • Stay healthy in our regular wellness and health programs
  • Sing with our choir
  • Visit with your neighbors at happy hours and social events
  • Clubs and activities such as drama and choir

Whether you’re a social butterfly or someone who enjoys personal time, Simpson House offers many activities and programs. View our community gallery to get a glimpse into life at Simpson House.